I'm a natural light, lifestyle photographer based in Norway. I offer portrait sessions for every age. From newly born to 75th anniversaries, I am there to capture your milestones in life.  To get more information regarding my sessions, send me an email ktfotografi@gmail.com - or give me a call at +47 4786 0140.


My Journey

I first fell in love with photography in high school, breathlessly anticipating the images as they appeared before me under the dim red lights of the darkroom. While it has been a very long time since I have used film, I still anticipate the images on my digital screen and enjoy reliving the moments captured.

While traveling around the world in my early 20s I focused mostly on architecture and landscapes, but for the past nine years my focus has shifted to my children. Now that my boys are getting older, I have decided to expand my horizons and share my talent and passion with others. Each shoot brings new challenges, however I am confident that my clients will enjoy the same experience as I do, eagerly awaiting the results captured in my camera.

*my digital images are tastefully watermarked 


Kimberly Tvedten lives near Oslo, Norway with her two boys